TaDa Time

Student Ambassador Program

Are you a social bee who loves to chat and explore things that intrigue you?

Do you have an “on the whim” personality that buzzes contagious energy?

Are you the person who keeps up with social media trends and has an itch to do something creative? 

We are looking for folks like you for our Student Ambassador Program 

Join TaDa Time as a Student Ambassador and become a part of the next generation of social networking!

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About Us

TaDa Time is a 3D social messaging app that allows you to create your personalized 3D avatars or AR emoji.

At core, we love to turn our users' imagination into a reality. Users can style their avatars in a customized fashion, record their voice, connect with friends’ avatar, and more.

By leveraging the power of Augmented Reality, we enable our users to create a character and communicate through their virtual version.


Our other functionalities range across our AR messenger, social media, and group chats.


At TaDa Time, the possibilities are endless!

Ambassador Program 

Learn the hands-on way

You will get the opportunity to be mentored by the Tada team and gain professional experience in marketing.

Lead the campaign

You will be representing TaDa as an ambassador in your campus and would play the main role in product communication.

Let loose your creative side

You will get the freedom to work on your innovative ideas.

Build the community

You will get to interact with different people as you build and grow the TaDa community.

Perks and Benefits

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Certificate of Excellence

Get a “Brand Ambassador” certificate to level up your CV.


Rewards and Incentives

Performance-based incentive will be given monthly and the top 3 performed students will be hired as interns to work with us.


Mentorship Opportunity 

At Augray (opportunity to be mentored by professionals on how AR/VR/MR) works.


Become the Student Brand Ambassador

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

You can apply directly through our SAP website using the Apply button. You will be informed by mail or call if you're selected

Can students from any University/College apply?

All the students in India can apply

What is the duration of the Student Ambassador Program(SAP)?

One month and SAPs are expected to get 250 to 500 app downloads

Community Rules & Guidelines 

Main purpose of this community is to build a relationship and create a better networking platform for our user base. All your feedback and ideas in the community are valuable and we appreciate your kind engagement to develop our application for a smooth performance.

You’re welcome to do the following: 

  • We appreciate you for giving us your valuable feedback and ideas

  • You can share the App with countless friends across Pan India

  • You can explore and engage with all the features and share ideas with us in the community

You can refrain from the following: 

  • Discussing TaDa features and shortcomings outside the community is not appreciated (in other third party community platforms) 

  • Usage of offensive language is not appreciable 

  • Do not discuss sensitive topics within the TaDa App community, which includes Politics, Racism, Sexism, Casteism, etc., 

  • Any discussion, comments, or ideas causing to spread hatred will not be entertained