Learning can be fun, engaging, and memorable

Challenge your students to think outside the box

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Higher retention rate

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Increase Engagement

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Faster learning

Increase your admission rate, graduation rate  with our unique AR/VR solutions

Create a dynamic learning environment with VR

VR is truly one of the most innovative technologies in education today! This platform offers students an amazing learning experience that enhances their cognitive functions through 3D imaging and 360º video simulations.

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Turn 2D books into 3D books with animations in AR

With our powerful inventory of content, you are assured to have the appropriate book for your students. With our easy-to-use interface, you can animate pages with ease for an engaging student experience.

The safest state of the art lab

Delicate experiments in extreme weather conditions are no longer a problem. With our state-of-the-art virtual and augmented technologies, you can now experiment from genetic engineering to atomic fusion with utmost safety right from your normal lab.

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Immerse students in alternate worlds

Virtual worlds VR and AR stimulate the curiosity of students like never before. From ancient history to far away universes, students can experience and explore ancient civilizations, the solar system and quantum mechanics in detail with our high-tech immersive learning tools.

Open Tours - Anytime - Anywhere

360 VR/Video tours can be used to show your campus to students and parents, anytime, anywhere. Tours can be shown on both PC and mobile devices so there's no need to worry about time constraints!

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Gamify Learning

Our AR/VR solutions will not only improve the learning process but also make it fun and engaging. We provide gamification of course materials as well as problem-based learning that includes metrics for teachers and students to analyze their performance.

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