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Easily transform your products into interactive 3D models in AR/VR with cloud based white-label app

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 Redefine product demonstration 

Showcase your product in a virtual 3D environment and demonstrate its features in just minutes. Help customers visualize, experience products and make them knowledgeable and realize the values you would want them to see. Help them experience products in AR in their real world.


GoXR is revolutionizing the way product demos are being made. Traditional meet and greet days are being replaced with virtual sales providing the interactive and immersive Augmented and Virtual reality demos virtually to your customers office without having to visit them in person.​

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Reduce Sales cycle time with Interactive Virtual Demo

  • Let your prospects preview products in 360o in real size in any environment

  • Let your prospects gain immersive knowledge about the products instantly.

  • Engage all stakeholders and your experts virtually while demonstrating in VR and AR

  • Reduce Sales and travel Fringe benefit cost over 40%

  • Utilize your expert sales reps to engage more sales meetings. (An increase over 30% in utilizing expert sales team)

  • Your virtual prototypes as AR/VR 3D models reduces time to market

  • Reduce your sales cycle time by over 44%.

Increase conversions with X-Ray view

  • Give Consumers an X-Ray inside view to gain products insights 

  • Don’t just explain, let your prospects experience the features

  • Slice and Dice the virtual product demonstrating that is not possible in real time.

  • Increase conversion rates by 40% engaging your sales, operational and tech experts virtually in VR conferencing instantly

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Improve products with deeper customer insights

  • Track live on consumers areas of interest while demonstration

  • Various analytics on virtual demos by consumer persona

  • Assist sales reps with insights on most requested and context sensitive information  

  • Visual key consideration criterias explained using interactive 3D models, 360 virtual facility walk throughs

Train employees in half the time

  • Train employees anywhere

  • Customize training materials by employee persona

  • Remote training solutions

  • No more travelling for training sessions

  • Product training made easy

  • Train anywhere, anytime with no extra equipment

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