Virtually Reward and Recognise your staff

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Engage, Reward and Recognize Employees, StakeHolders with your 3D Avatars in

Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality your 3D Avatar is now Made simple. All you need is your smartphone Camera, Scan QR Code, Point at real space in front of you, and Experience 3D avatars talking to you?

Employee connection

The 3D Avatar conversation using Augmented Reality is a first-of-its-kind innovation. It’s designed to shape the future of working from home to maximize productivity as well as collaboration.

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Celebrate, Encourage, Appreciate Friends and Family

Cannot be there with Friends and Family in person? No problem. We make it easy for you to be in front of your friends and family with AWE! Be there virtually to delight them whatever the occasion may be. 

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Virtual Awards

Making an effort to acknowledge employees, empowers them, and can help create a positive company culture, increases productivity, and much more. A timely pat-on-the-back to the deserving employees will ensure a high engagement level, quality of work remains a top priority.

Granting specific awards like Annual Awards, Applause Awards, Spot Awards, along with an appreciation for outstanding personality and being an achiever can be a significant motivating factor.

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Launch Products Virtually and reach more than the traditional

Demonstrate your product better than traditional launches, provide product experience

to millions instantly. Best attention grabber with an immersive experience provides

more than 10X return over traditional launch and all of these with a fraction of cost.

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Partner Appreciation

Great way to appreciate and recognize external stakeholders such as OEM partners, vendors, sub-contractors, suppliers. They can participate in the virtual event from their office space or remote working location.


Provide a unique cinematic experience where all the participants can virtually sign-in, create their avatars, sit around a round table, receive awards, and do almost everything possible in a real live event.

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Every organization is unique. We customize the 3D avatars exclusively for you and your team. Make your employees happy by having them virtually present in their Hall of Fame.


To list a few, some of the award options include Spot Award, Pat-On-the Back, Team Member of the Quarter, Sales Person of the year, Outstanding Performer, Industry Leader of the year, Sales Leader of the Year, Achiever Award, Winner Circle, CEO Choice Award of the year.

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Customize Awards for your company needs

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