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Immersive & interactive shopping

ARCommerce, a digital adventure to step-up your business and disrupt the retail turf

Augray’s mission is to make shoppers experience your products in a new way and deploy AR solution smoothly in your existing eCommerce platform.

ARCommerce can showcase a feel-real and interactive version of your product giving digital shoppers a physical product experience.
Shoe_try on.jpg

Does it look good on me?

Virtual fitting room and virtual try-on enable shoppers to experience the look and fit in an augmented environment.

Does it fit here?

Help shoppers to get a complete sense of size, fit, detail, and get-along of your product in the customer environment enabling 3D product visualization.

Furniture_try on_2.jpg

Wanna walk and shop?

Gear-up, we can take you on a virtual tour to a virtual store and explore the product in 3D alongside adding them to the shopping cart.

Improve Product Engagement

With the help of WebAR, the companies can increase conversions, website traffic, and the overall experience of the customers visiting their website.

AR Commerce Website Image - 1.jpg
Augray AR Commerce Image-1.jpg

No App Download Required

Users can view the products in 360 degree and 3D version which increase visitors engagement and provide an immersive level of experience. 

XR is the new disruption for shoppers to explore the products and get adapted.

Value Proposition

ARCommerce, end-to-end solutions empower retailers to deliver a frictionless shopping experience across all sales channels, driving conversion rates.


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